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Scaly Adventures!

Several years ago, we had the honor of meeting the Curren Family of "Pierce's Scaly Adventures". They were in the area filming at the Knoxville Zoo and we had just completed our work on the "Wee Play Adventure" and Komodo Dragon Exhibits there also. We became instant friends! It's funny how "reptile people" really seem to have great connections over their love of the natural world.

Here is a little background on the show: "Scaly Adventures, also known as Pierce's Scaly Adventures, is an American reality television series with worldwide distribution. The series launched on September 7, 2013, and is currently in production. Scaly Adventures is an E/I (educational/informational) television show featuring Richard, Tanya, and Pierce Curren as they travel to different locations to profile exotic animals and adventure-type entertainment. At the beginning of production, Pierce Curren was the youngest animal education television personality with an internationally distributed show reaching 6 of 7 continents weekly." They are an inspiring and wonderful family of educators!

When they first visited us at Ponds & Plants a few year ago, we had just started on "Project: Destination". At least this is what we have come to call the "whirlwind of a few years" where we worked day and night on our collective creative whims. We were transitioning our "home base" from just an awesome pet store to a family destination spot. A place where "Art and Nature Collide" and our love of nature and animals is waiting to be discovered around every corner.

This visit, we had made some huge updates to our place and were excited to show off our hard work. We had new animal friends who had joined our "Birds & Beasties" group, newly created outdoor play environments, and exhibits galore. The Scaly Family seemed to truly enjoy their time here. This enjoyment can be seen on their many videos, photos and episodes that will feature Ponds & Plants this season.

What we love about their show, is the fact that they are a real family. Their love, quirks, banter, knowledge and background is apparent with each episode. Having the honor of seeing them working together and creating each show from scratch, between the three of them, is an inspiring experience. This family is out there everyday with one share their love of the natural world and for each other!

It was an honor to get to spend the weekend with them once again and we can't wait to see what exciting things we can create and that they can share with us in the coming years.

Thank you Scaly Family for sharing your time with us and creating such a lovely show for all ages!

For more information on "Pierce's Scaly Adventures" and all the educational services they offer, please visit

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