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C.O.R.E -Featured Playscape

This is our first "Featured Playscape Blog" for C.O.R.E (Children Outdoors Ready to Explore) Associates. The nature-based playscape at Highland Plaza United Methodist Preschool, in Hixson, TN is one of our most beloved projects. The following is how the preschool describes the playscape part of the project.

"Taking a tour around our Playscape is like taking a trip around the Chattanooga area. All of our elements represent the familiar landmarks of our beautiful river city. The centerpiece is the Tennessee River. The soothing sound of its rushing water covers our enchanting garden with its

peacefulness. The children can enjoy a picnic on the RiverPark patio, where one group of children drew an enlargement of our logo and impressed it in the wet cement. Music comes alive in the Chattanooga Symphony, which features an Ipe wood marimba and Djembe drum among the many instruments.

Performances can be watched from the RiverBend Amphitheater. The Ruby Falls reading cave is a cozy place to look at books. Our tire pony swings and authentic horse saddle await riders in our interpretation of the Coolidge Park Carousel. Maybe a stop at Lake Chickamauga will be

​enjoyed as the tourist plays with the Waterfront Water Cannons. Our Lookout Mountain

tire climbing wall can be ascended, the Walnut Street Walking Bridge crossed, or the bear hunt trail hiked through the Great Smoky

Mountains. The sandy river bottom, muddy river banks, and a cave can be explored in

the Tennessee Aquarium area. Here fossils can be excavated and animal pawprints identified. Artistic pursuits can be followed in the Arts District outdoor art studio. Amazing views can be seen from the Incline Railway Station House. This fanciful trek ends in a downhill race on the twin Alpine Slides."

There are also several other outdoor areas that add beauty, creativity, and exploration of the students and the surrounding community. There is an outdoor atelier courtyard, a smaller playscape called the wetlands, and finally several outdoor sculptural elements that add to the overall aesthetic of the school.

This playscape was a project from the heart for all involved. Please visit our website at for more images about this project and others or visit the preschools website directly at