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Marmalade the Marmoset

Marmalade is almost 5 years old. She came to Ponds & Plants because her owner developed cancer; he could no longer take care of her, and needed to find her a safe, long-term home. Ponds & Plants became just that home.

Many people confuse the vocalization of a marmoset for a bird chirp. This is very close in actuality. Due to the dense foliage they naturally make homes in, visual cues aren’t a feasible form of communication. They use audible chirping and chattering to communicate in the wild.

Marmosets bond to the smells and sounds of their keepers, so when she first came to us at Ponds n Plants, she was constantly in search of people who smelled like cigarette smoke. David, who is not a smoker, did eventually win Marmalade over, though, and she greets him happily every day, perching on his shoulder for as long as he’ll walk around with her there. She knows he usually has a treat for her, and waits impatiently for a piece of banana, tomato, or a few mealworms to munch on.

Marmosets enjoy an omnivorous diet, and they need to have variety in the food they eat, just like humans. David has been in contact with several other animal rescues in hopes of finding Marmalade a companion, as marmosets are social creatures.

Please stop by and see Marmalade and all the other animal friends we have hanging around Ponds & Plants. Be sure to keep and eye out for the new outdoor enclosure we are preparing to build for Marmalade this summer!

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